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Our Team

Chris Jacobs
Regional Manager

Chris currently serves as a STW Property Management Regional Manager, specializing in marketing solutions.

Chris joined STW Property Management in 2012 as a Account Manager, implementing, launching and managing online resident referral campaigns. In 2013, his role expanded to overseeing the entire LeaseStar Suite. Chris has a passion for serving STW Property Management clients through timely and proactive service, with the goal of helping them garner the full value of our products and services.

Prior to joining STW Property Management, Chris spent 4 years in property management. He worked as a Leasing Professional and Assistant Manager for Colonial Properties Trust and Flournoy Properties. His service on site gave him the opportunity to interact with STW Property Management as a user and allowed him to fully understand the client experience from end to end.

Chris is currently studying Business Ethics at Dallas Christian College. In his free time, he enjoys adrenaline sports, writing music and exploring world cuisine.